50 Things that make a man want to marry you - The Definitive Guide to understand the commitment of a man

Yes, you are struggling to get your guy to commit. He is scared to death of the idea of marriage, and avoids serious discussions about him. Frustrated, he feels like it's just taking a walk, and I wonder if you ever plan to ask the question. The truth is ugly, we're not doing what they want to pop the question.
Yes, you heard right: do not feel I should want to commit to that. Instead, they are making you feel just the opposite. Forever takes up and put pressure on him, you are actually making him believe that he is trapped with you.
You see, men are afraid of being caught. They fear being trapped in a relationship with a woman or where they have no freedom, no control, no privacy, no time for themselves, without the space, etc. .. Therefore, everything that makes a man think or feel as if you are caught, is an immediate reason to say "NO" to marriage, and "NO" to compromise.
This is why it is very important for a woman to learn how to act around a man so she can make it really wants to marry her. It is even more important to understand how the human mind works and how it looks in a relationship, since, so that you can know exactly what to do to get married.
To help, here are 50 things you can do to make a man want to marry you, and believe me, these tips are the best guide to understanding and lead man to commit:
  • # 1. Do what you supposed to do, without question - If a man asks a favor, and ask and say "why" ... he will feel like you just do not want to. If you have to wonder why it seems that you need to convince you to do it.If he has to convince to do things, do you really understand?
  • # 2. Keep yourself - Men are visual, which means that if you let yourself go, you will lose interest. He did not want to commit to a woman who will only get worse. Keeping physically and health wise, to show they are willing to be the best it can be for him.
  • # 3. Trust Him - Do not be afraid that he will run away with another woman, or that he is lying about everything. I do not think he is really trustworthy and nag him about his own insecurities. Show that you trust him and give him the benefit of the doubt FIRST, before assuming anything or blame him for something.
  • # 4. Regularly give space - Every man wants time alone. We all need our personal space, and is best if you can give it to him without him having to ask or beg for it. Do it naturally, and he likes you and thinks they are marriage material.
  • # 5. Be there for him, though he says nothing about the problem - show that they are supportive of it, being there, without question him about the problem. Is opened, if you want, but if you show that are really there for him for being behind him, regardless of whether or not open to you.
  • # 6. Be economically dependent - can help a man who knows he is not going to take every penny that marriage has.Some afraid of men because they are afraid of losing all your money (in a divorce, or even just for the wife of expenditure). Therefore, you can show that you are not after your money to become financially dependent.
  • # 7. Praise - After meeting someone for a while, we began to lose the "flattery" We stopped trying to impress our partners because we have them now, and I congratulate them less .. Every man wants to feel that is great, desirable, useful etc, amazing .. Let her know you still believe this, and show that you will be a positive partner for the long term, congratulating him.
  • # 8. Know your insecurities - not something that people walk around talking, but sometimes a man signs that he is unsure about something, so you can avoid the issue or avoid damage to it in the you know future.When insecurities, knowing exactly what NOT to do, to keep you comfortable.
  • # 9. Do not act toward man - If he says something that hurts your feelings, or does something you disagree with most of the reactions ... of women would be the first to be dramatic and emotional, and nag the guy. Do not do this ... because it tells you is a nightmare to get married, because instead of staying calm and allowing you some room to improve, you just lash out at him.
  • # 10. Accept responsibility in a fight - Every relationship has its moments where the disagreements and differences between a healthy relationship fights.The encourages a man to marry you, and a healthy marriage to a man pushing away is the following: guilt or liability. Not being the partner who blames all ... instead of being the partner who accepts the responsibility and guilt over the matter.
  • # 11. Learn to take a joke ... although its staff - Men want a woman who can laugh at herself, because if not ... always feel insecure, hurt and upset when people joke about that, or when the man tries to say something he thinks is funny about you. I do not have to feel sorry for thinking that something was funny ... because nobody can control things that make us laugh in the first place.
  • # 12. Learning to accept criticism - criticize men to see improvement and do to try to help you see things differently light.They also criticized for trying to show that a solution or a better way to do something, if they see you are struggling. This is why you should learn to accept criticism, because if you panic every time you criticize, you say you will not be able to improve in the future.
  • # 13. Let's be serious, where necessary - Nothing is more discouraging, or upsetting to a man, a woman who has no serious problems seriously.A serious issue is something he considers important, and if you can not take seriously, he thinks who do not take yourself seriously.
  • # 14. Keep your promises - A man who looks like this: you can not even keep a simple promise, how will you maintain and keep the promise to marry him? That's why it's important to keep the promises they have now.
  • # 15. Do not use excuses - Excuses are the purest of lies, because instead of being honest or accept failure, to make excuses instead.To a man, this is like saying: "I want to be open and frank with you, and instead , beat about the bush and try to deceive. " A woman who is marriage material would not have to do this.
  • # 16. Feel comfortable around him - he wants to take your love handles, and suddenly you are away, asked if he thinks you're fat.You also become insecure when he wants to make love to you. Or just struggling to open it. All these things you say you do not feel comfortable around him, make him feel insecure, and make you question the point of marrying you.
  • # 17. Show the love with ACTION - Sure, you said you love him, but words will only get so far. He wants to see it showed through their actions. Therefore, if you know something that irritates ... do not. If you know he needs you to do something, get on with it. Prove that you love, doing things that you know he would appreciate.
  • # 18. Do not be afraid to draw the lines - If you can not draw the lines with him ... Who else is going to draw with then? A woman who does not clearly define its limits, is a woman who can allow other men to do whatever they want with it. For a man who is not "wife" material ... because in the future, I do not have to worry about you not being able to draw the lines with men either.
  • # 19. Show appreciation - A man does not do things for you for free ... what do you get a result. The result is happy to see you, to impress, and you ask yourself and feel good. BUT, if you never say "thank you" and if you show that you appreciate him and the things he does ... he will think it is useless to marry you.
  • # 20. Encourage your child to succeed daily - Why wait to tell him he can be successful either, until there is a big problem that has to face Encourage DAILY, which support it and say that the best we can, and encourage? complete their projects as best you can, etc. .. Be available for things large and small ... because everyday is a struggle too, and daily life is stressful too.
  • # 21. Take his advice Troubleshooting - You talk to him about their problems, and suddenly being told what to do and what not to do ... to help resolve it. You may just want to be heard, and do not want him to solve their problems ... but occasionally his counsel to show that their contribution is valued and valid, because it usually is. (If you do not take their advice, he will feel as if you just want to be in the old problems.)
  • # 22. Stay calm when you are stressed - When a man stresses that can be a big problem, because it acts unusual, unpredictable, you can lash out, and may withdraw.BUT, instead of blaming him and arguing, just be calm and let the storm pass. He needs to know that you understand it in that area, and does not need a woman who makes it a matter of "self" when you have something stressful going on.
  • # 23. Use the things that gives - If you give a gift, tips, tool, etc. .. whatever he gives, he is doing because he thinks you'll like it, you will help, or could improve their lives. Let them sit to collect dust tells you do not really care for their input or the things he has to offer.
  • # 24. Do for him before him, the men do not mind giving everything to the woman they love, but it always feels like you are taking, take, and take a little more ... and give nothing, he will begin to feel discouraged. That's why you should always do things for him, before asking you to do things for you ... to feel 100% happy to do whatever you are asking, even if you are asking her to marry you.
  • # 25. Disagree without disappointment - There will be differences, but the main problem is how to handle the differences between each other.If to handle disagreements with the story and become disappointed when not on your side, you are showing that they are emotionally immature. But if you disagree without being disappointed, we show that we can respect their opinion, even if you do not think its right for you.
  • # 26. Ask when you do not know - If you are afraid to ask something, how you feel each time I really can communicate with you? Not only this, but if you ask him things that are curious about, often going to end up looking for answers on their own, leading to assumptions. These assumptions are often wrong, almost 99.9% of the time. A man wants to be understood, and one of the quickest ways is to ask, if I do not know ... instead of assuming or wondering forever.
  • # 27. Do not push - If you constantly get in your case about something, and if you are constantly trying to convince him to do something, you should STOP right there.That 's pressed him, if you mean to or not, and will be feel like I was telling him to do. Men hate to be told what to do, especially as regards the relationship!
  • We will decide on their own and encourage him by the hand, saying that I love that he did something and leave it at that.
  • # 28. Respect it - If you have boundaries, do not cross them.If you value privacy in certain areas, observe. If there is anything you do not like it, do not go complaining to his family and friends about him behind his back. There are many examples, but the main point is that you respect it, so you can feel valued, appreciated and respected.
  • # 29. Keeping your interest - Marriage is a long term relationship, which means that they will have to consciously make efforts to keep their interest. You will not be able to keep their interest, if you know everything about you, and nothing changes. That's why it's important to learn new things, new skills, and create a life outside the relationship to have things to keep and raise their interest.
  • # 30. Learn from your mistakes - do not want to marry a woman who constantly do things that hurt, because she does not change and learn from it mistakes.EVEN if it takes time and intense effort to change your bad habits, do However, to show that you are willing to be the kind of woman you want: a woman who is your best self.
  • # 31. Understanding emotions - emotional maturity is called, where a woman has her emotions in check and not flush your life.This means that you know how to manage their feelings when they become intense, so not impressed in man ... and this also means that you understand where they are coming, so he is not accused every time you feel angry, upset, disappointed and sad, etc. ..
  • # 32. Periodically evaluate yourself - A man always wants to point all you're doing wrong, or their defects or errors ... because you are completely alien to them and to ask him what's wrong. Assess yourself regularly to ensure they are improving and moving forward both internally and externally.
  • # 33. Show that you can let things go - is a man, and he is not perfect. He will not know everything about you, which means it is bound to make some mistakes along the way. He needs to know that if you do, you can forgive ... instead of holding a grudge against him for the rest of eternity. He prefers to marry a woman who can let go of things and can give you room for improvement, a woman who does not let go of a mistake he made.
  • # 34. Shown to have been committed - If you commit to that, he must believe 100% that have already committed or will be if asked to question.This means you have to stick with him through the times thin and problems (instead of running away or discuss), and are loyal to him (not flirt with other men, get rid of bad exes, supporting rather than speak out against him), etc. ..
  • The point is that you stay with it mentally, physically, and closely no matter what.
  • # 35. Listen to it as much as possible - even if he is talking about something that hate you, do not share the passion, or simply do not understand ... listen. If he is talking about cars or coworkers some ... he's only doing it to try to raise an issue with you and to connect with you.
  • He wants to be able to talk to you about everything that's on your mind, even if you'd rather talk about something else ... listening to it, because it makes you feel like you're still interested, and shows you can be with him through everything, even the time of 'boring', because life is not always as interesting.
  • # 36. Being able to be alone and quiet with him - Some women fear that if a man is not speaking, he must have lost interest or something is wrong.It 's just the opposite: a man loves to enjoy a quiet and very moment with a woman, because it is a perfect time. He has to say or do something, but you can only see that being there at her side. Give the time, and show that you like too.
  • # 37. Let your expectations - He does not want to be the man who constantly disappoints you or you have no idea if you are walking on eggshells with you, because you never explained what their expectations fastest way to start making the With . The feeling comfortable around for the long term is to make you understand, requiring open about what you expect.
  • # 38. Challenge it - When you first met, you were a challenge because I had to work very hard to get, and make you like him. But now that you have, he has yet to be challenged and have to feel like you're the kind of woman who worked for.He not want an easy ride, or a loose woman ... But, he wants someone who can challenge him in all sorts of ways, such as challenging him to change or be better, challenged him to maintain his interest, etc. .. This keeps you glued to you, instead of having to take an interest in other women.
  • # 39. Have an enjoyable sex life - sex can be pretty boring, especially if we keep doing the same things over and over ... which is a big problem, because privacy is important in a long term relationship. Ask what your fantasies are, learning new tricks in bed, and ultimately, to surprise and encourage him not, for what it feels like you're someone who could stay with and marry ... because he did not disappoint in the bedroom.
  • # 40. He divides his time elsewhere - One of the hardest things for a man is a woman who clings to his life, and leaves no go.It 's the kind of woman who acts as his life would end if left alone or for a day. Learn how to divide their time so that is not 100% on it, so do not feel like you have to constantly baby sit and entertain. In other words: get a life out of it and the relationship.
  • # 41. Be honest - this means no white lies, omissions not, and frankly lies.If that can not be open with him, why he would feel that they must commit to you? He does not want to be with a woman who holds things, or a woman who is afraid of being open and honest with him, because he fears his reaction. Remember that honesty is accepted and even if it hurts your temporary ... but lies are rejected, and is in constant pain because they take away their confidence in you.
  • # 42. Trust him with your personal belongings - Tell her your secrets and show you that you have put your trust in him to trust him with everything you can, so you know you really do not consider it someone you can trust and depend on . This makes him want to commit to you because it gives you something to protect, challenges him and gives him a solid prove himself to you ... all of which keep a man hooked and make you feel important.
  • # 43. Face it - Some things about it can be difficult to accept, and you may want to change a lot of things about him. But when you do not accept it for what it is, and how he is, he feels as if you really do not want to be with him. Leave until he changes, and instead of accepting ... to show that you really want him and make him understand that he can always be with you.
  • # 44. Surprise him - This can be very difficult to do, but what impressed when you serve, and show you really make an effort for him. A good example is when you do something for him, without him even having to ask ... and that something is what you want all the time. The element of surprise in a relationship keeps him interested and gives you a reason to stay long term, because it shows he still has much to offer but do not know.
  • # 45. Be spontaneous - the organization of their life to detail leaves little room for imagination and takes the fun out of the relationship. Not only this, but a man can be totally controlled (he hates) in the case of organizing his and his life on a calendar. Sure, it may be easier to tell when something should happen, but the planning of all the little things for him makes you feel as if too bossy.Be spontaneous in place, and let some things happen as they do, rather of as going them.
  • # 46. Making people laugh - Although it can occur naturally, once you get to know you can not find the same "old" things are fun and ... because it is used to them. This is why you have to make an active effort to instill awareness and humor in the relationship, and to laugh ... that he may be relieved, happy, stress-free, etc. ..As the saying goes, "laughter is the best medicine", and it is certainly an attractive feature for a "wife".
  • # 47. Be romantic - should not be your job to always be romantic take on this role and please you in a romantic way, so that he knows are not just waiting for him to do everything.Guys like to be courted, then only a differently, and doing this shows that you are willing to make efforts to please him, and every man wants to be pleased.
  • # 48. Place importance beyond its self-if necessary - Relationships are two people, not one ... so you can not always be about you. He can show that you care, by placing the importance of their things into their own thing ... even their own problems, if your problems are not as great. Sometimes you have to be able to concentrate on it, above yourself, and must demonstrate that they really care for what he believed to be marriage material.
  • # 49. Know your role - If there is a role he expects a woman to play in a relationship and a marriage, but it is absolutely disagree with her ... Why would I want to spend your life with someone who is not willing to accept your expectations? Instead of challenging the role, accepts it and show that you can follow.
  • # 50. Let her know that you meet NOW - Men worry about whether or not be able to support, maintain happy, maintain interest, etc. .. reason to avoid marriage and avoid the issue of commitment. If you wish to marry, let him know that everything you are doing now, is exactly what is necessary to maintain in the future, what you see is truly satisfying and enjoyable that you ... and stop worrying about being unable, because we would see that it is capable.
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